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We Believe In The Power Of Running

by Eric Jenican, Chief Warrior, Endorphin Warrior

Eric Jenican trail runningHi everyone.  Many people say that running is boring.  And this is fine.  If this is their perspective, than who am I to attempt to convince them otherwise.  But I view running in an entirely different light.  To me, running is nothing short of magnificent.

I began running long distance the day after my last college football game.  After decades of consistent training, I’ve learned firsthand that running is far more than “just physical.”  It’s a blending of body, mind and spirit that positively impacts all parts of ourselves.  It has the power to strengthen us physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  Running improves and transforms lives.  It has made my entire life better…and this is why beginning today Endorphin Warrior is a proud supporter of Girls on the Run International.  (Note: Previously we were supporting our local GOTR chapter but now are supporting GOTR International, which serves over 200,000 girls annually across North America.)

Alarmingly, research shows that girls’ self esteem peaks at age 9.  But Girls on the Run is helping to strengthen girls at this critical age and increase their self esteem with their program – for girls 3rd to 8th grade – that combines training for a 5K running event with lessons that encourage the positive emotional, social, mental and physical development of girls. As a business owner, it is important to me that Endorphin Warrior supports organizations that make a positive difference in the lives of others…and I am thrilled for Endorphin Warrior to be a proud partner of GOTR.

How do we support Girls on the Run?  We’ve teamed up with GOTR to offer this empowering Warrior Training Bracelet with the words inspired by the GOTR program: I CAN.  $5 from the sale of each I CAN Warrior Training Bracelet will be donated directly to Girls on the Run to help support their mission to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.  No girl is turned away from the GOTR program due to financial hardship.

I CAN Warrior Training BraceletPlease help us support Girls on the Run by purchasing your I CAN Warrior Training Bracelet today.  It’s the perfect affirmation and bracelet to wear while running, training, at work – or anytime, anywhere – to help you stay more positive, focused and mentally strong.  Thank you in advance to all who participate.  We hope that you get a lot of benefit and enjoyment from your I CAN bracelet.  Warrior On!

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