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Warrior On!

By Eric Jenican, Founder, Endorphin Warrior

Warrior On - Image - Mud RunIf you’ve noticed our blog has a new title, you’re right. It’s now named Warrior On! Over the years, WARRIOR ON has become our creed. It represents the spirit of Endorphin Warrior and it is only fitting that it’s now the name of our blog.  Life can be both spectacularly beautiful…and tremendously hard. And when life gets hard you have a choice. You can cower in fear, run away, live in denial, give up, settle for less, make excuses…or you can Warrior On!

This is what it means to be a warrior. This is what it means to Warrior On! You WARRIOR ON when life gets tough…WARRIOR ON when you need to be stronger…WARRIOR ON to improve your performance…WARRIOR ON to achieve your goals…and WARRIOR ON to be your best.   You face your challenges head on, you stay positive, you keep gratitude in your heart, you believe in yourself and your purpose, you give great effort, you persevere, you make the best out of every situation…and by doing so you grow into a stronger, more capable and better version of you.

The purpose of Warrior On! is to regularly bring you information, insights and tips to help you strengthen yourself – in body, mind and spirit – so that you can WARRIOR ON and live happier, healthier and stronger. We’d love for you to become a regular reader and/or be a part of our community by sharing your thoughts and experiences too. Welcome…and Warrior On!