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The Power Of One Word

by Eric Jenican, Founder, Endorphin Warrior

Choose Your WordWhen we first introduced our Warrior Training Bracelets a few years ago, I had no idea of the positive impact that they would have on people’s lives. I just thought at the time, “What a great idea to make a lightweight, sweat-proof bracelet with an empowering word to wear while training…to help the wearer be more mentally tough.” I had always marveled at how vigorous exercise is more than just physical – involving both the body and mind – and how it makes us stronger in infinitely-many ways. At some point, I came up with the term “warrior training” to describe how working out is a whole-body experience that makes us stronger for all of life. If I was going for a trail run or to the gym I would tell my wife, “I’m going warrior training.” So, these being bracelets made to wear while working out, we named our new bracelets “Warrior Training Bracelets.”

After about a year of selling these through our online store, success stories started pouring in from customers and this is when I truly learned of the power of one word to help people overcome their challenges, live healthier and create more success in their lives. For the sake of brevity, I want to include just this one story from our customer Hoss P., who shared this about his bracelet with PERSEVERE: “I want to tell you how incredibly important my PERSEVERE Warrior Training Bracelet has been to me. In the last year, I have lost 150 lbs. I have worn it every day on my weight-loss journey to help motivate me. I look at it when I’m tempted to ‘cheat’ on my healthy food choices. I rub it during a particularly grueling workout. I touch it when I run. Your product is so motivating and a daily reminder of the goals I have set for myself.”

When I first read Hoss’ email, I was blown away. I had never thought of actually rubbing or touching the bracelet to reinforce one’s intention to live by the qualities of “your word.” Reading other stories of customers overcoming fear, abuse, loss, illness, injuries, or achieving their goals like completing their first marathon, I have learned that there is something incredibly powerful with wearing the word that inspires you. For me personally, I mostly wear an UNBREAKABLE Warrior Training Bracelet because going through what I’ve gone through with my adult daughter’s drug addiction, I’ve needed to remind myself that no matter how bad it has gotten, I resolve to not let this situation break me. I choose to be unbreakable in mind and spirit. Life is so amazing. Here we create these bracelets to help people train harder and enjoy their sport or working out even more and the product ends up helping me get through the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face.

If you are an Endorphin Warrior customer and have already chosen your word, I am exceedingly glad that you are a part of Endorphin Warrior.  If not, I encourage you to choose your word for 2016 and begin to experience the power of one word in your life.   We’ll even sweeten the deal for you since you’ve been interested enough to read this far. Visit our online store today, choose your word, place your order, and you can insert this discount code at checkout to receive 15 percent off of your order subtotal. Discount code: MyWord2016 (offer expires 1-31-16). Visit our online store here.

Happy New Year everyone.  Wishing you all the best in 2016.  Warrior On!

Share Your Word

How has your word helped to improve your life, overcome a challenge or achieve a goal? What is your word for 2016? What does your word mean to you? How do you anticipate your word helping you in 2016? Please share below.


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