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Our Charitable Purpose

by Eric Jenican, Founder, Endorphin Warrior

MDA_WebImageOne of the most exciting and satisfying parts of having a business like Endorphin Warrior is when we hear about the positive impact our products are having.  As you may know, as a partner of the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Live Unlimited campaign to inspire America to live unlimited, we have been selling an exclusive Warrior Training Bracelet with LIVE UNLIMITED.  This week, we received a touching email from a woman who communicated that her husband had been abusive and that her bracelet gave her the courage to finally leave him.  Certainly a “wow” moment for us to receive.

As this summer’s LIVE UNLIMITED campaign winds down and concludes with Sunday’s LIVE UNLIMITED Run Day, we want to thank those of you who purchased the LIVE UNLIMITED bracelet to help empower yourself to break through your perceived limits…and help support MDA and their mission to find cures and provide care for those living with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related muscle-debilitating diseases.  It has been a privilege for us to be a part of the Live Unlimited campaign.

Lastly, MDA’s Live Unlimited campaign was inspired by the strength and courage of MDA families and individuals who do remarkable things every day despite the physical and societal limits diseases like muscular dystrophy and ALS often create.  We all face challenges – both small and large – throughout life and the campaign has been an inspiration to me to better-face my own challenges and to start breaking through some self-perceived limits of my own.  I hope that the campaign has helped inspire you in a positive way as well.  If you’d like to contribute or learn more about MDA’s Live Unlimited campaign, visit: mda.org/LiveUnlimited

Thank you for being a part of Endorphin Warrior.  Warrior On!