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Haiku Contest Winners

by Eric Jenican, Founder, Endorphin Warrior

Haiku ContestFirst off, a huge “thank you” to everyone who participated in our 4th Annual Endorphin Warrior Haiku Poetry Contest 2015.  We received over 160 haiku poems and it was our great pleasure to get to read every one of them.  Collectively, your haikus are a beautiful expression of the joy and goodness that running, working out, athletics and moving our bodies brings to our lives.

This being said, there were some poems that stood out to us.  So without further delay, here are our 4th Annual Haiku Poetry Contest 2015 winners…plus a few other poems and poets we’d like to mention.  Also, you can read all of the poems submitted in our Haiku Lounge.  Enjoy!

Our 1st Place Haiku – 2015 – Prize: $100 Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificate

cross-country skiing
my temporary tracks
beside the redwoods
by Pat Tompkins

Our 2nd Place Haiku – 2015 – Prize: $50 Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificate

utterly broken
I start gently down the trail
with time, I am whole
– by Lizzie Sager

Our 3rd Place Haiku – 2015 – Prize: $25 Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificate

Flying down scary fast
Trail drops away from my tire
I stick it and grin
– by Cathy Koeblitz


Here are a few more haikus that we particularly enjoyed:

Run fast, push stroller
Grandmamma and granddaughter
This is how we roll!
– Julie R.

Pushing past the pain
Trying to finish the race
Cheering all around
– Judy M.

Only a moment to react
the game’s tied
I have to make the save here
— Kiryu K.

Lonely trails at dawn:
Breathless miles now behind you
At last warmed by sun.
– Jennifer McArdle

Breathing mindfully
In sunny open water
I swim softly here.
– Adrienne T.

i keep pushing on
despite how I feel inside
one step at a time
– Verna W.

Time for us to run
Dog and me breathing in sync
Morning ritual
– Laura Gentry

Cathy T., knowing your story, your poem was beautiful and touching.  Thank you for sharing:

Running gives me strength
To move forward
Seeking solace to outrun grief
– Cathy Troisi

Scott Dean, we loved all of your submissions.  You submitted your second place poem from last year, and we love it as much as ever, but we decided we need to have a rule that once a poem is awarded one of our top 3 places, it cannot be submitted again for a prize.  We think you’ll understand.  Here’s Scott’s beautiful haiku, an experience we can relate to:

slow trickles of sweat
erode yesterday’s tension
lost in this moment
– Scott Dean

Thanks again for your participation everyone.  We’re already looking forward to next year’s 5th annual contest.  In the meantime…enjoy your training.  Warrior On!


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