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Increase Your Team’s Success With Warrior Training Bracelets

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Positive athletes perform better. Positive teams achieve more. Our Warrior Training Bracelets give you a tangible product featuring an empowering word that will help you build a positive team culture and greater success for your team. Choose the empowering word that will communicate your coaching message, be a mantra for your team and help your athletes train and perform with greater positivity, focus and mental strength.

Choose from these empowering words

It’s amazing what a positive and powerful force our Warrior Training Bracelets are for teams. Athletes love our bracelets! Choose from these empowering words:





To place your order

You can conveniently place your order online but if you prefer to order by phone, please give us a call. We are glad to answer your questions by phone and help you place your order. Also, we can help you regarding choosing the right bracelet sizes for your team.

For additional information or to place your order:

Contact us by phone: 949-360-1508, M-F, 8-5, PST
Contact us by email: Eric@EndorphinWarrior.com
Order online: Shop Warrior Training Bracelets – Our shopping cart will automatically apply the correct quantity discount. Don’t forget to apply your additional 5% off coaches discount.

Warrior Training BraceletTeam/Quantity Discount Pricing

1 to 5 bracelets: Regular retail price: $20.00 each
6 to 9 bracelets: 15% off retail price: $17.00 each
10 to 19 bracelets: 20% off retail price: $16.00 each
20 to 49 bracelets: 25% off retail price: $15.00 each
50 to 99 bracelets: 30% off retail price: $14.00 each
100 and up: 35% off retail price: $13.00 each

Bracelet Sizing

Available in 5 sizes to accommodate all wrist sizes for women and men. Most female athletes wear our size 7.0 (small) or size 7.5 (medium). Most male athletes wear our size 7.5 (medium) or size 8.0 (large). See the “How to choose the right bracelet size” tab on any bracelet product page for more detailed info.


Questions?  Need Help Ordering?

If you have questions or need help in any way, please call us at 949-360-1508. We would love to meet you and will be glad to help you.

2016 Marshall University Softball Team

The 2016 Marshall University Women’s Softball Team showing off their STRENGTH Warrior Training Bracelets.