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How Do You Live Unlimited?

"I live unlimited by making every day the best I can, no matter what the circumstances may be. Life is uncertain, so I cherish each day, give it my all and live with gratitude in my heart for the gift of today." - Eric Jenican, Founder, Endorphin Warrior How Do You Live Unlimited? Here is…
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Calling All Grateful Warriors

  By Eric Jenican, Founder, Endorphin Warrior Hi everyone.  If you’re like me, you cannot imagine a life without exercise.  I’ve had the good fortune of being healthy and physically strong my entire life.  Today – at age 59 – it is such a joy to be able to put my body in motion and…
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Why I Need To Get Mentally Stronger

by Eric Jenican, Founder, Endorphin Warrior A few months ago I was talking to my dad on the phone and he asked me how my business – Endorphin Warrior – was going and I told him, “I need to be mentally tougher to really succeed.”  I’ve always promised to be authentic in this blog -…
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Warrior of the Month – Gus Smith

Meet this month’s WOM, Gus Smith.  By day, a practicing psychiatrist.  On afternoons, a high school hurdles coach.  On weekends, a national and world-level hurdler.  Here’s our Q & A with Gus. 1. What is your background in athletics and working out? I had laid off my high school sport, track and running the hurdles,…
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