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Endorphin Warrior
We make products with positive and powerful messaging to wear while running, cycling, working out, sweating, racing - or all day long - to help you train harder and live stronger.

Warrior Training Bracelets
Warrior Training Bracelets

Our #1 seller. Made to wear while running and training to help you stay more positive, strong-minded and focused.
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Warrior Training Rings
Warrior Training Rings

Perfect to wear anytime, anywhere to help you live stronger in body and mind.
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Warrior Training Rings
New - Warrior Training Rings!

Made "warrior strong" of stainless steel… highly scratch resistant, waterproof, sweatproof… to help you train harder and live stronger.
Price: $20.
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One Word
One Word

Choose one word to be your driving force in all that you do… and help you live stronger when you need to.
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Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Silver Jewelry

Handmade, empowering and created to help you live more confident, inspired and strong.
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Empower Tees
Empower Tees

Wear your favorite keyword for working out or casual wear.
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Dog Tag / Key Ring with Positivity
Empower Word Dog Tags

Choose the inspiring empower word that resonates most with you to help you overcome challenges, achieve your goals and be your best.
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Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificates
Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificates

Fast and convenient. We'll email it to your gift recipient within 24 hours.
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Empower Word Key Rings
Empower Word Key Rings

A powerful symbol to help you stay more positive, strong-minded and focused.
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Welcome to Endorphin Warrior
Celebrate the magnificence of running, endurance training, working out... and living strong.
woman runs up red rockWe are runners, endurance athletes, yogis, mountain climbers, dancers, fitness enthusiasts and lovers of human movement, exertion and sweat... choosing to live with action and effort... learning through our bodies in motion... absorbing the experience of kinesthetic movement, breathing, exertion and the blending of body, mind and spirit... uncovering and building who we are one step, one rep, one workout at a time... strengthening ourselves for our sport and the larger game of life... adding joy, vitality, authenticity and richness to our lives. This is the way of the Endorphin Warrior... Training for life!
About Us

endorphin warrior logoAt Endorphin Warrior, our aim is to help you train, perform and live with greater strength of body and mind. We make products with positive and powerful messaging to wear while running, cycling, working out, sweating, racing - or all day long - to help you stay strong-minded and focused... and help you train harder, improve performance, achieve your goals, overcome challenges and live stronger.


Warrior Raves
Rave of the Month:
Claire_Houston "Just wanted to share my story and photo with you. I've gone from 305 lbs. five years ago to completing my first full marathon in Viborg, SD on June 10, 2012. In the picture, you can see on my left wrist under my watch the Endorphin Warrior PERSEVERE Warrior Training Bracelet that I never remove. This was an emotional day for me and my family. Upon crossing the finish line, my wife handed me my second Endorphin Warrior bracelet with "26.2," which I now proudly wear on my right wrist. Thank you for the motivating and rewarding words and products."
-- Dan D., Sioux City, IA
More Raves:

"I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my bracelet. I had just lost 70 lbs. this year and continue to improve. I am now a runner and can't get enough of it and plan on doing a half marathon with my trainer. The bracelet means a lot to me and I wear it every day to remind me to stay motivated no matter how hard it can get. Now I plan on getting one for my trainer as a gift for her birthday."
-- Sherri W., Westminster, CO

"My new Endorphin Warrior jewelry arrived today and I could not be happier with it!!! I love my ring, leather bracelet and silver bracelet. You guys are awesome and this jewelry is beautiful and inspiring. Warrior On! Thanks again!."
-- Claire S., Houston, TX

"I want to take a moment to let you know how incredibly important your bracelet has been to me. In the last year, I have lost 150 lbs. I am down from 400 lbs. to my current 250 (still shooting for another 50 lbs.). Part of the weight loss can be attributed to my exercise regime that includes running. When I saw your ad in Runner's World, I knew I had to get a bracelet. I have worn it every day in my weightloss journey to help motivate me. I look at it when I am tempted to "cheat" on my healthy food choices. I rub it during a particularly grueling workout. I touch it when I run. Your product is so motivating and a daily reminder of the goals I have set for myself."
-- Hoss P., Baltimore, MD

"Thank you for your superb service, communication and products. Your business has made a hit with our family."
-- Phil D., Yucaipa, CA

"I love my bracelet so much I have not taken it off since I got it! I just finished a 40-mile trail run with it on and it did not hinder my wrist at all! I am looking forward to running my first 100 miler with it on in April. When I need a boost, I will just look at my wrist and remember that being RELENTLESS will carry me through."
-- Callie S., Wake Forest, NC

"Love the WARRIOR bracelet! Reminds me to be tough when I'm feeling tired and unmotivated."
-- Rae Ann D., Bradenton, FL

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Warrior Training Bracelet - RELENTLESSOnce a month we have a drawing to give away a FREE Warrior Training Bracelet. The winner receives the Warrior Training Bracelet of their choice. There are two ways to enter our monthly drawing, each gives you an entry:

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Endorphin Warrior Society Blog

Endorphin Warrior Society BlogJoin the discussion, enter a contest, connect with others, or simply enjoy a good read ... our Endorphin Warrior Society blog features "all things" physical exertion, human movement and sweat ... designed to help you enjoy your training even more and live stronger in body and mind. Read the latest post here.

3rd Annual Endorphin Warrior Haiku Poetry Contest 2013

Endorphin Warrior Society BlogCongratulations to our 3rd Annual Haiku Poetry Contest 2013 winners:

1st Place Haiku – 2013
Blurry through the tears
Fighting to keep composure
This is for Boston
- by Suzann Lankford

2nd Place Haiku – 2013
slow trickles of sweat
erode yesterday's tension
lost in this moment
- by Scott Dean

3rd Place Haiku – 2013
The body limber
Mind empty of attachments
Space and time succumb
- by Paul Roasberry

Do you haiku? Our fourth annual contest will begin next September 15, 2014. Look for contest details in Summer 2014. Visit our Haiku Lounge on our blog to enjoy the winning and "high honors" haiku poems from our 2011, 2012 and 2013 contests.

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